RJM Enterprises

Providing Production and Fulfillment Services Since 1992

We offer fulfillment and production services that can accommodate our customers’ requirements, including assembly, repacking, shrink sleeve labeling, shrink wrapping, labeling and gluing. We manage each project from start to finish insuring that our customers receive the same high quality standards they would expect from their own employees. Solid working relationships are the cornerstone of RJM’s business, and so is our offering of value-added services such as warehousing, shipping and logistics management.


Why RJM?

We help companies from local producers to Fortune 500 enterprises realize their market potential with efficient, innovative product development and fulfillment

RJM Enterprises of MN, Inc. was founded by Jim and Rosanne Lundeen in 1992 and provides production and fulfillment services to companies that do not have the ability or people resources to perform production labor in-house. We offer countless assembly and repack options that are completely customized with turn-key solutions and fast turn-around of all projects. In addition to fulfillment, RJM provides can lid labeling and shrink sleeve labeling technology that can be applied to various shapes and types of containers, maximizing brand identity and security.

Our vast customer base includes local, national and international companies – many of which, we are proud to say, appear on the Fortune 500 list. We know that the strong relationships we have built with our customers are the driving force behind our growth. We will continue to guarantee these high quality products and services that meet and exceed our customers’ individual requirements.

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RJM offers countless assembly and fulfillment options that help our customers expedite their products to market. Our experienced production staff manages each project from start to finish, ensuring that our customers receive the same high quality work they would expect from their own employees. In addition, our project management team will make certain that each project is completed efficiently and in the most cost-effective manner. We guarantee that the finished product will meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.

Assembly and Repackaging Services

  • Automated and manual equipment capabilities for repacking beverages into 4-pack cartons, open end wraps, fridge packs, 8-packs, 12-packs and cases
  • Customized product assembly and preparation for shipping
  • Automated gluers for specialty gluing projects
  • Automated label laminating capabilities
  • Automated two-headed taper
  • Slitting operations for corrugated
  • Big box capability

Shrink Wrapping Services

  • Five shrink wrap tunnel lines in house
  • Can produce with either retail grade polyolefin film or heavier poly shrink film
  • Shrink tunnels work with dry heat and clear film – allowing 100% enclosure

Shrink Sleeve Labeling

  • Shrink sleeve labeling technology can be applied to various shapes and types of containers such as PET, HDPE, glass bottles, aluminum and steel cans
  • Maximizes brand identity and security

“Pro Top” Can Labeling For Beverages

  • Automated equipment designed for cans used in the food and beverage industry
  • Bio-degradable, custom printed labels that adhere to the top of can, covering the lid
  • Protects the top of the can and keeps it sanitized
  • Creates a marketing and advertising “billboard” directly on the beverage can
  • Great marketing tool for promotional purposes and the opportunity to gain knowledge of important consumer demographics

Bar Code Labeling

  • Application of bar code labels onto products and/or packaging
  • Bar code label printing capabilities

Display Assembly

  • Efficient assembly of all types of retail displays
  • Preparation for shipping

Shipping/Warehousing/Logistics Management

  • Transportation department experienced in cross-country and international shipping requirements
  • 12 Dock doors and 110,000 square foot climate-controlled warehouse

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